You Load The Wagon. We Do The Rest.

Our Mission is to Give Life.

There are many opportunities in the world to be part of life giving, life nourishing, life relieving efforts. Providing logistics across the globe to relief groups in need of moving supplies is vital to the continued efforts of many of these groups. We provide logistical support through plane, train, ships, trucks, and even on foot as needed. The key to this service is to see it through. Many parts of the world have situations where the product will not arrive at its intended destination through traditional shipping services.

We do not charter services, but actually take what’s needed to its final point and see it through personally. This is what a Mule Man does. As a bonus, we get to be involved in the relief efforts with many of these groups and see the impact it has on so many lives and the difference it makes. We are MuleMen. We carry the load so others can focus on their expertise.

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March 9, 2020

Humanitarian Aid to Cuban Locals

Using proprietary methods, our team at MuleMen has been able to provide basic humanitarian relief to Cuban locals. From medical supplies to shoes, clothing, and school […]
March 9, 2020

Health & Fire Safety Aid in Guatemala

On a recent trip to Guatemala, Christian LeBlanc, a founding member of MuleMen, had the opportunity to learn more about a lesser-discussed issue in local villages […]
March 9, 2020

Making a Difference in Dominica

One of our founding members, Jimi Smith, had the opportunity to visit Dominica through his professional photography business. While there, he stayed in one of the […]

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