Humanitarian Aid to Cuban Locals

Providing Aid to Those in Need in Cuba

Many know that Cuba is facing a long-standing economic crisis. In 2019, basic needs such as food and even soap were being rationed out to citizens as supplies were prevented from being imported. This crisis is sweeping and on-going, and locals are left paying the price. While it is very difficult to get large quantities of supplies in from the United States, the team at MuleMen knew there had to be some solution, any solution.

Using proprietary methods, our team at MuleMen has been able to provide basic humanitarian relief to Cuban locals. From medical supplies to shoes, clothing, and school supplies. We want to be able to provide the materials these people need to live a safe, healthy and happy life. With your support, we can continue this mission. Please learn more about how you can join the MuleMen team, or donate now, to help our ongoing efforts in Cuba.

Aid Provided to Cuban Locals

  • Created a proprietary method of import to get aid into Cuba
  • Provided practical goods such as medical supplies, clothing, children’s needs, and school supplies
  • Provided solar powered electronic devices for renewable energy resources
  • Worked with local pastor to organize logistics and distribute goods to areas impacted the most

Meet the Mule Men

We provide humanitarian aid where it is needed. Because it's only relief once it's delivered. Watch the video to see how.


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