Health & Fire Safety Aid in Guatemala

Creating a Safer Living Environment in Guatemala

On a recent trip to Guatemala, Christian LeBlanc, a founding member of MuleMen, had the opportunity to learn more about a lesser-discussed issue in local villages here – respiratory health and fire safety.

He explains that many locals live in small homes, or huts, made of natural materials. They also often use open flames to heat their homes and cook. This can cause major problems over time. Creosote build-up poses a major safety risk to those living inside, and poor ventilation means usually they are inhaling toxic fumes that have caused widespread respiratory issues for locals.

Christian, who owns and operates a successful chimney service, Chimney Solutions, in the states wanted to help relieve some of these problems. He partnered with a personal mentor of his to install safer stoves and venting solutions using materials that would give back to their local economy.

What We Accomplished in Guatemala

  • Installed safe stoves and ventilation solutions into homes around the area to ensure safer living conditions and cleaner air
  • Sourced materials and labor from the area to ensure profit went back into the local economy
  • Had the chance to work with locals on basic food-gather skills such as fishing to help them provide for their families

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