Together, we can build a better world.

We Aren't Just a Team, We're a Family.

It takes different talents to bring it all together. Depending on your strengths, you can join in so many different ways:

  • Be a Traveller - the overall focus is to make sure what is being sent gets to where it is supposed to go. We need people with an adventurous spirit to travel wherever the road leads. Whether by automobile, plane, or ship. Possibly sometimes on foot.
  • In order to make this focus a reality, there are many opportunities to be part of the family.
  • General Administration
  • Travel Planning
  • Fundraiser Event Planning
  • Geographical Research
  • Logistics Coordinating
  • Product/Item Security
  • Needs Identification & Qualification
  • And so much more.

Anything you have to bring to the table, let’s talk!

Let's make a difference.