We are: Logistical masters. Tenacious Rule-Breakers. Incorrigible Adventurers. Good Samaritans.

The Mule Men exist to deliver relief and the opportunity for a better life. Because it’s only relief when it gets delivered.  In our own personal experience, we have seen the circumstances where supplies or goods never reached their intended recipients.  In recognizing the problem, we saw the solution.  Mule Men.  Individuals and teams who are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of supplies, goods, and other donations reach the people they are intended for.  Air, Land, or Sea – No matter what it takes.  We get it there. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit global logistics provider that delivers disaster and humanitarian relief goods and services to people and communities around the world — getting relief to those who need it most and are usually the hardest to reach. We pride ourselves in being logistical experts with a proven system to transport supplies, equipment, medicine, and food during the most turbulent of times.  

With our expertise in logistics paired with our access to multimodal transport, we can get large volumes of time-critical supplies and equipment across borders, without the administration, bureaucracy — and often corruption — that many aid relief organizations can’t avoid. Simply put, we deliver.  

Our modes of transport solutions are powered by planes, trains, trucks, ships, humans, and even mules. We personally see every shipment and mission through to its destination. We do not outsource services because when we deliver it ourselves, we can ensure that whatever is needed gets from point A to point B. No matter what.  

We encourage global disaster and humanitarian organizations to reach out to us for logistical assistance and transportation services because we want to make sure relief is delivered when it’s needed and without the red tape or extra expense.

Meet the Mule Men

We provide humanitarian aid where it is needed. Because it's only relief once it's delivered. Watch the video to see how.


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